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Customizing Bees

Creating a Bee

With the base mod alone you get 18 bees but you can add as many bees as you want and modify the existing bees.

  • First locate the resourcefulbees config folder inside the main config folder.
  • Inside this folder you'll see a sub folder labeled bees.
  • If you have run the game at least once, you'll see 18 .json files named according to each bee added by the mod inside the bees folder.
  • Create a .json file inside this folder for each bee you wish to add to the game. So for example: Blaze.json if you want to add a blaze bee.
  • After you've created a .json file with the name of the bee you wish to add, you can use the bee template to custom design your new bee.
  • On the left you will find pages which break down each Bee Data object and explain what is necessary and what isn't.
  • For every custom bee, entries will need to be add to a language file so the names of the bee and associated items/blocks display correctly in-game.
  • Visit our discord if you need any further assistance