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Layer Data

Data Object

Color / color / Color

The color that will be applied to the layers texture, this should not be set if your texture is not made to be colored.

Texture / texture / String

The texture applied to this layer, this is a simple string that is used to lead to the texture.
For example if the texture is "creeper" it will use resourcefulbees:textures/entity/creeper.png for the normal texture and suffix _angry for the angry texture.
Default: Missing Textures

Layer Effect / layerEffect / LayerEffect

The effect that the layer will have, there are 3 options available.
This effect is to not do anything special, its for the default and should never be manually set to.
This effect applies the enchantment glint effect to the layer.
This is used to apply a fullbright glow to the texture similar to the flash a creeper makes. This combined with the pulseFrequency field will allow for the same effect as a creeper.
Default: NONE

Pollen Layer / isPollen / Boolean

This determines if the layer should only show when the bee has pollen.
Default: false

Pulse Frequency / pulseFrequency / Float (5.0-100.0)

Pulse frequency is used with the GLOW LayerEffect to allow for a flashing glow.
Default: 0