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Render Data



Data Object

Layers / layers / LayerData[]

Layers are used to add custom textures on top of the base model and allow them to have special effects or be enabled by special means.
Default: Empty List

Color Data / ColorData / ColorData

Color data is used to set the colors for things like jars and spawn eggs.
Default: No Colors

Model / model / ResourceLocation

Model is a reference to the location where the GeckoLib JSON geo model is stored.
Default: resourcefulbees:geo/base.geo.json

Texture / texture / String

Texture is used as the base texture for the model and will always be displayed on the bee no matter what. For example if the texture is "creeper" it will use resourcefulbees:textures/entity/creeper.png for the normal texture and suffix _angry for the angry texture.
Default: Missing Textures

Animation / animation / ResourceLocation

Animation is a reference to the location where the GeckoLib JSON animation is stored.
Default: resourcefulbees:animations/bee.animation.json

Size Modifier / sizeModifier / Float (0.5-2.0)

Size modifier determines the scale of the bee when rendered in-game.
Default: 1.0
Last modified 8mo ago