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Core Data



Data Object

Honeycomb / honeycombVariation / String

Honeycomb variation represents the identifier of a honeycomb variation. More information about honeycomb variations can be found in the Honeycomb Data section.
Default: No Honeycomb

Flower / flower / HolderSet<Block>

Flowers can be represented in many ways as a block holder such as a tag, a list of blocks, or a single block.
Default: minecraft:poppy

Entity Flower / entityFlower / HolderSet<Entity>

Entity flowers like block flowers can be represented in many ways too such as like a block holder a tag, a list of entities, or a single entity.
Default: Empty Set

Max Hive Time / maxTimeInHive / Integer (≥600)

Max Hive Time represents the max amount of a time a bee can spend in a hive at a time. This time will be adjusted depending on the hive or apiary but this is the base time.
Default: 2400

Lore / lore / Component[]

Lore is used to show in JEI this is useful to let your players know if this bee is gotten another way than conventional means.
Default: Empty List