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Combat Data



Data Object

Passive / isPassive / Boolean

Is passive determines if this will retaliate when hit. If true the bee will ignore being hit, if false the bee will attack the entity back.
Default: false

Remove Stinger / removeStingerOnAttack / Boolean

Determines if the bees stinger will be removed on attack. If a bees stinger is removed it has a chance of randomly dying a bit after the stinger was removed.
Default: true

Inflict Poison / inflictsPoison / Boolean

Determines if when the bee attacks an entity if it should give the entity the posion effect.
Default: true

Invulnerable / isInvulnerable / Boolean

Determines if the bee should not take any damage, if true the bee will no longer take damage.
Default: false

Attributes / attributes / Map<Attribute, Double>

An object of attributes to their values, keys being the attribute id and the value being what the attribute should be set to. Minecrafts attributes can be found here.
Default: default bee attributes (todo link)