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Breed Data



Data Object

Parents / parents / BeeFamily[]

Parents is used to signify the pair of bees what will make this bee.
Default: Empty List

Feed Item / feedItem / HolderSet<Item>

Feed Items are the items that you need to use on a bee to breed it.
Default: minecraft:poppy

Feed Return Item / feedReturnItem / ItemStack

Layer data

Feed Amount / feedAmount / Integer(≥1)

The amount of feed items that are needed to be feed to the bee for it to be able to breed.
Default: 1

Child Growth Delay / childGrowthDelay / Integer(≤0)

The time in ticks that a baby bee will stay a baby bee.
Default: -24000

Breed Delay / breedDelay / Integer(≥0)

The time in ticks until bees can breed again.
Default: 6000